Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Clearing out my mind...

Today i was like...talkative in the morning class, then in the afternoon class I was quite and less talking.. I don't know what the reason is..maybe the absent of my table partner? (He went to clinic for sinus checkup)or I'm being under stressed because of my assignment is much to do!

I know I'm being so lazy..always postponing my assignments..yeah lucky me if i could get it done by next week!

I supposed to do my asgmt right now..but of course, i'm taking more time on facebook even blogging which is not in the priority, and that's why my pending assignment is getting sad!

On the other weight is getting larger! by the next 4 weeks my belly might big as 2 balloons ..lame!!!!! I'm on dieting now, I eat only twice a less carb (as american say)..oh yeah i even do crunches and jogging for this past days..

I really hope that i can cut down my waist and more important no more belly..only a hot and muscular!